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Abdul Latif Jameel continues its commitment to nurturing sporting talent with launch of ‘Jameel Motorsport’
December 26, 2023 Corporate

Abdul Latif Jameel continues its commitment to nurturing sporting talent with launch of ‘Jameel Motorsport’

As part of its continuous commitment to broaden its business horizons and bolster its contribution to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Abdul Latif Jameel unveiled a significant milestone, introducing ‘Jameel Motorsport’.  The establishment of the Jameel Motorsport brand marks a strategic leap in the company’s 26-year journey dedicated to fostering the growth of motorsport, both nationally and internationally. This initiative underscores Abdul Latif Jameel’s enduring dedication to the development and expansion of its role in the dynamic motorsports’ landscape.
By establishing Jameel Motorsport, Abdul Latif Jameel reaffirms its dedication to advancing social and economic development through sport, and it’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of motorsport both within the Kingdom and on a global scale. This commitment extends to providing support for high-profile sporting events and actively engaging in the discovery and cultivation of promising young talent. A recent testament to this commitment is the launch of the GR Saudi Driving School in collaboration with the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation (SAMF).  This initiative led to the formation of the ‘GR Saudi’ Team, which showcased remarkable achievements in the current season of the Saudi Toyota Championship.  Now integrated into Jameel Motorsport’s initiatives, this development underscores the company’s ongoing efforts to foster and develop upcoming future talent and contribute significantly to the motorsport landscape. In the forthcoming months, the next Rally Jameel, now organized under the Jameel Motorsport umbrella, is set to hold its third edition with a groundbreaking inclusion—welcoming women participants from all over the world.  The event has garnered a record number of applications, heralding the remarkable enthusiasm and determination of women from across the globe to participate.  This third annual milestone event also underscores Saudi Arabia’s steadfast commitment to encouraging and advancing women’s active participation in the Saudi sports arena. On this occasion, Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel said:
“We take immense pride in our role within the collective and unwavering endeavors of diverse public and private entities in the Kingdom, resulting in noteworthy accomplishments in the realm of sports. Having actively participated in 26 competitions spanning six different motorsport disciplines, the launch of Jameel Motorsport marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. Building upon our rich experiences, our aim is to consolidate and elevate the cumulative efforts of the past. The achievements we celebrate today are largely attributable to the genuine support extended by various stakeholders. I particularly acknowledge our fruitful collaboration with the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation, under the leadership of His Excellency His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al Abdullah Al Faisal, Chairman of the Federation’s Board of Directors. This partnership has been instrumental in our accomplishments and exemplifies the strength of collaboration in advancing the motorsport landscape.”
The field of motorsport – driven by competitive innovation – offers extraordinary prospects for both young men and women.  With the introduction of Jameel Motorsport, Abdul Latif Jameel is directing its endeavors towards cultivating and nurturing such young talent of tomorrow. This involves collaborative efforts with both existing partners and a drive to establish of new partnerships, geared towards shaping the future of motorsport. Currently, Saudi Arabia enjoys a leading position on the global motorsport calendar, benefiting from huge investments in sports infrastructure, events and tourism.  It has succeeded in attracting large numbers of racing fans across multiple motorsport disciplines and wider afield including boat sports and gaming – evident from the rapidly increasing level of national and international participants and applicants in the events held over the past few years. Building on this success, the launch of Jameel Motorsport offers a prominent platform to fuel national energy and talent in this field.  It aims to direct and heighten Abdul Latif Jameel’s own efforts in developing the capabilities and skills of Saudi talent aligned to Saudi Vision 2030, enabling future generations to realize their potential across the national and international sports stage.
Abdul Latif Jameel continues its commitment to nurturing sporting talent with launch of ‘Jameel Motorsport’