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Polish Driver Wins First Place at The Third Edition of Rally Jameel on International Women’s Day
March 9, 2024 Rally Jameel

Polish Driver Wins First Place at The Third Edition of Rally Jameel on International Women’s Day

Rally Jameel, the thrilling world-class navigational rally for women in the region, concluded its third edition on International Women’s Day in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Rabigh. The Polish driver Ewelina Chlebowska and German co-driver Hanna Riehle of Team Sandstorm Express won first place in the third edition of the rally, for the second year in a row.

Following them, Saudi driver Maha Al Hamali and American co-driver Eleanor Coker of Team Obiyya clinched second place, and British driver Catherine Munnings and Swedish co-driver Catalina Floberg of Team Altawkilat securing third place.

Rally Jameel, organized by Jameel Motorsport and supported by the FIA Women in Motorsport and the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF), witnessed record global participation, with 110 drivers and co-drivers from 36 countries. It offered a journey through Saudi Arabia’s most picturesque cities, covering a distance of 1600 km, starting from Ha’il, AlUla, Umluj, Yanbu, and concluding in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Rabigh.

In addition, the event successfully attracted international participation, with the presence of auto federations and companies such as The Swedish Automobile Sports Federation, Motorsport Ireland, the China Hanwei Motorsport team, and Toyota Gazoo Racing Jordan. This underscores Rally Jameel’s dedication to empowering women in motorsports and aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to promote adventure tourism.

Munir Khoja, ‏Managing Director, Marketing Communications at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, commented: “As we conclude the journey of Rally Jameel’s third edition on International Women’s Day, I would like to congratulate all the brave women who participated this year. In this edition, the rally saw exceptional international participation, showcasing its global appeal and perseverance in cultivating an engaging motorsport experience that brings women together. Rally Jameel is a shining example of our commitment to supporting Saudi Arabia’s diversification programs aimed at empowering women and promoting adventure tourism. Congratulations to Ewelina Chlebowska and Hanna Riehle of Sandstorm Express who clinched the top spot for the second consecutive year in Rally Jameel, showcasing unparalleled skill and resilience”.

The Polish winner Ewelina Chlebowska from Team Sandstorm Express, commented: “I extend our heartfelt gratitude for the support and encouragement throughout Rally Jameel. Winning in the third edition again is a tremendous honour, and we couldn’t have achieved it without the incredible teamwork that defines our partnership. I am immensely proud to be in the same team with Hanna and together, we’ve proven that with teamwork, anything is possible. This victory is a testament to our hard work and perseverance, and we are deeply honoured to be crowned champions once more in Rally Jameel.”
Polish Driver Wins First Place at The Third Edition of Rally Jameel on International Women’s Day