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Esports World Cup 2024
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Esports World Cup 2024

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Gaming & Esports


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ready player 3 … 2 … 1 …

Jameel Motorsport is a proud sponsor of the Esports World Cup 2024. Visit us at our battleground in Jameel Motorsport Park and level-up your experience at Riyadh Boulevard.

The time has come to challenge the best and stand amongst the pros by competing at one of the greatest gaming competitions happening on planet Earth.

An electrifying journey into the world of Esports

Intense strategy games and heart-pounding multiplayer showdowns. This is where champions are forged and legacies are made! Stay tuned for announcements and exclusive content as we gear up for the ultimate showdown in competitive gaming. We will be there to witness history in the making at the inaugural Esports World Cup in Riyadh, KSA!
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