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A narrative of Saudi ambition at its finest.

Since its inception, Jameel Motorsport has forged a visionary path to empower Saudis, especially the youth, with opportunities to embrace adventure. The journey of Jameel Motorsport began in 1997, marking a pivotal ingress into the realm of motorsports, characterised by numerous challenges, triumphs, setbacks, and victories, all paving the way forward. These milestones have culminated into epic achievements today and are setting ambitious goals for the future.

Our Vision

Fuelled by ambition

Since 1997, our dedication has been unwavering in fostering Saudi Arabia’s motorsport landscape, forging opportunities across all tiers.

From supporting the iconic Saudi rally driver Captain Abdullah Bakhashab to launching the Saudi Toyota Championship that became a remarkable event in the Saudi racing community. We have carried the vision forward by organizing the groundbreaking Rally Jameel - exclusively for women racers, and most recently after partnering with the E Sports Saudi Federation, we have strengthened the ambition to shape the future of motorsports and gaming culture in the inspiring land of Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission

We believe in supporting every talent that spearhead as global heralds for the sport, showcasing excellence and inspiring future generations. Through innovative racing schools and events, we nurture the next generation of racing heroes, fostering a culture of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Empowering women in sport is a priority, promoting inclusivity and equality on the racetrack. We are committed to investing in sustainable, innovative technology development, driving forward advancements that benefit both the sport and the environment. By developing motorsport nationally and aligning with Saudi Vision 2030, we contribute to the growth and success of motorsport in Saudi Arabia, aligning with broader national goals and aspirations.

Our Values

As we have evolved under the Abdul Latif Jameel name, our core values have stood the test of time and we’ve emerged victorious. They define our identity as a business and guide our decisions, uniting all teams under the Jameel Motors umbrella.

Respect stands as one of our foundational values which is also deeply ingrained as core principles within Abdul Latif Jameel. We take pride in our commitment to responsible business practices, conducting our commercial operations with integrity and honesty. This commitment is reflected in our respect for our associates, customers, business partners, and the communities we serve.
Internally, we uphold sincerity, fairness, and equality in all interactions, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, background, or religion. We prioritise listening to understand each other’s needs and concerns, striving to resolve them effectively. Jameel Motors values the aspirations of our Associates for growth and development, supporting them in becoming better professionals and achieving a better quality of life. This mutual commitment fosters a relationship built on trust, respect, and shared responsibility between the team members.
Recognising that customers have numerous choices; we continuously strive to earn their trust and loyalty. We empathise with their perspectives, continually seeking to improve and surpass their expectations. Our engagements with business partners are characterised by honour, integrity, fairness, and transparency, aiming to find common ground that ensures mutual success.
Furthermore, we acknowledge the crucial role businesses play in supporting communities, providing opportunities, and fostering local economic growth.

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to constantly challenge ourselves and outperform the previous version of ourselves. We meticulously execute our actions and are fervent about the finer details that truly matter. Rooted in our business ethos is a steadfast dedication to enhancing our products and services, embracing the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’, to deliver an exceptional experience to all our stakeholders.

To us, challenges are viewed as opportunities for innovation. We are perpetually exploring new ideas and pioneering solutions that create tangible, sustainable impact. Upholding the visionary and determined spirit of our late founder, Abdul Latif Jameel, we are dedicated in our pursuit of conscientious growth and positive change. It is this pioneering ethos that propels us forward, unlocking new potentials and seizing emerging opportunities.

We believe in the capabilities of our people. Therefore, we grant our associates the autonomy and support to actively contribute in helping us achieve our vision and in that process empowering them to unleash their creativity for our shared growth.