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Maha Al Hamly

AGE 37

Short Biography

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Maha honed her driving skills on unfamiliar roads, which not only improved her abilities but also sparked a newfound love for the adrenaline rush that comes with speed and excitement.

As an employee of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, Maha was immersed in the automotive world and became one of the first women to seize the opportunity to practice her passion for driving in the desert. Her turning point came in 2022 at Rally Jameel, the first women’s rally, where she decided to participate, eager to test her driving skills and her ability to stay focused over extended periods.
From that moment, Maha decided to pursue racing as her career. In the Saudi Toyota Championship 2022, she secured second place in her category, proving her success in Rally Jameel was no fluke. By 2023, Maha competed in both the Saudi Toyota Championship and Middle East championships, achieving first place in the Saudi Toyota Championship – in her category, and second place in the Middle East Championship – in her category.

In 2024, Maha Al Hamali, along with her American co-driver Eleanor Coker of Team Obiyya, clinched second place at Rally Jameel.
Maha’s journey is a story of transformation, from a young woman navigating tough terrains to a successful rally racer. Her story is fuelled by passion, determination, and a deep sense of belonging to her country’s nature.